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> 5 years later...nearly
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Feb 11 2013, 06:21 PM
So it's been almost 5 years since my last blog post. I've lost contact with many of the people I enjoyed working with so much, and a lot has happened since Project Wish disbanded. Too much to list here, so I'll just give the highlights.

I'm still working my job at Astronautics. Still working on the same project. We're finally on the last milestone, and scheduled to wrap the project up around the end of the year. I've learned a lot, mostly by observing failure, but that's how it goes.

I took about a year off of doing any sort of side projects. During that year I focused on getting in better shape, and it worked. I dropped between 80 and 90 lbs, and have held it off for almost 2 years now. It's still difficult to avoid slipping back into old habits, and I'll probably be struggling with that for the rest of my life.

I've got three wonderful cats now, which are surrounding me as I type this. Still no girlfriend/wife, but that's how it goes sometimes.

I still play hockey. Now I play on two teams, so I keep pretty busy.

I've got a new band, called else, that is finally starting to make some progress. My friend and I started out with a few ideas about 2.5 years ago, and we've refined them over the last year and recruited a few more members. Now we just need a drummer and we'll be ready to gig. We're online at

Now on to the exciting stuff. I've been getting back into side projects recently. One of my friends is having me do some embedded programming for him on the MSP430 platform. That'll be a new experience for me. I'm also starting up a project with one of my coworkers. We're going to create a Window Manager for Linux, partly as a learning experience, and partly because I haven't found one that I truly enjoy yet. In the meantime, I've switched to the Awesome Window Manager on top of Arch Linux. That's right, I've been in Linux land so long now for work that I don't run Windows regularly anymore. I generally only boot into it for playing games now.

Speaking of games, I haven't touched a line of game-related code, or Windows code for that matter, since the Project Wish days. Lately though I've been getting the itch to get back in it. I have an idea for a 2D game that I want to use to get my feet wet in the game dev world again. After that, I've been considering joining another game dev team, starting an open source engine, or joining the Ogre3D project. I'd like to get back to the game I was working on immediately after stopping development on Project Wish. I've never stopped thinking about it, so I'll probably get back to that sometime in the future.

And that's about all for now. This will likely be the last entry, unless I have some announcement to make.

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