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Project Wish _ News Posts _ PWOgreBox and PWToolBox both released as 1.0

Posted by: Jerky Jul 13 2008, 09:07 PM

While PWOgreBox is new, and releasing today, PWToolBox is now also at 1.0 as well.

PWOgreBox is a cross-platform API providing common functionality for Ogre projects. Currently the project only consists of a wxWidgets control for embedding Ogre into. We will be adding to this library in the future, as our project requires it.

The current version, PWOgreBox 1.0, has the following features:

Doxygen documentation can be found here:

You can also visit the dedicated forum for PWOgreBox located here:

PWOgreBox is licensed under the LGPL v2.1 license, with an optional unrestrictive license. We do not currently offer the unrestrictive license, but will expedite it if requested. If you are interested in an unrestricted license, contact:

How can you help?
Besides spreading the word, you can help us out by heading over to our forums and report any bugs you come across. We're also looking for linux package developers to make packages for us. Contact us if you can help.


Who's using PWOgreBox?
We're interested to find out, so let us know.

Other Software:
You may also be interested in our other software products, located at

To accompany this release of PWOgreBox, PWToolBox 1.0 has also been released. It is not required to use PWOgreBox.