Milestones all around

Posted on: Apr 28 2008, 03:47 PM

Over this past weekend I've made a major milestone on PWToolBox. All major development has stopped. There are only a few minor things to finish up. Ethan has been working on writing unit tests for it, and I hope that within a month we can release PWToolBox 1.0.

Even as I type this there are already plenty of ideas floating around (and some even partially implemented) for the next version of PWToolBox. Will the work on PWToolBox ever end? Probably not. The more we implement in PWToolBox (and other supporting libraries), the less we have to do for the client, so in effect, the client is making progress. Additionally, by releasing PWToolBox to the public, we can get other people to put the library through some real-life testing. That should save some time for us as well.

This news comes with more good news. Last Friday we finally reached that milestone at work I was talking about in February. From here through July it will just be some bug fixes.

So that's about it for now. Lots of excited stuff coming up (well, if you're a programmer anyways). Look for the first release of PWToolBox within a month!

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