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Posted by: Jerky Mar 23 2009, 08:24 PM

Well, we are still around. Despite our code being out and stopping development, many of us still stay close to PW. We still spend time in our IRC channel and chat about things. We appreciate the inquiries about alternatives to reviving the project, but there just isn't the desire among the ex-developers (myself included) to want to take the torch back up again. If someone wants to step forward to lead and start recruiting again, that's fine by me/us, but before I let someone do that, I would want to talk extensively with that individual to ensure that the project would start to progress again.

Among other things going on, we still have plans to push forward with our changes to the website. On that token, we are wanting to recruit some community managers and a web developer for the volunteer (read: non-paid) positions that will be required to keep up the site. Interested parties can email us at apply[at] Our desire is to open forums for serious development teams, and even host SVN for them.

YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT! I have talked with our generous founder (Mortideus), who has long shouldered the financial burden of the PW web/svn/vps server. He expressed interest in keeping the site alive as well, and likes the idea of going forward with turning PW into the premier portal for serious hobbyist projects who need webspace, forums and SVN.

So, we would like to start getting the infrastructure ready for this before deployment of the new portal.

In other news, [shameless plug] I started a new blog which will go over my game development exploits going forward. The site is and already has a few posts about how to get started making your own game. The posts don't go into any serious depth on the topics, but should be very helpful to those wanting to start down that path. Going forward, I will be following the prototyping and development path of my next game (which remains unnamed).[/shameless plug]

A few other of the old development team are already hard at work on other projects. Njpaul, our ex-lead programmer, is working with another Ogre-related project, among other things, which will lead to a general-purpose scene editor. Vamyen, one of our main artists, continues to do concept work for multiple projects, both in games and in movies. Honis is staying busy after graduating and getting a job with an aerospace company. Grey, ex-server lead, is focusing on school. Minthos, another server-programmer, has graduated college and is on the job hunt. Cobra, our ex-lead artist is busy getting work doing commisioned artwork for WWII-related websites. He is getting paid rather well for his work, and cites PW as the reason he has been able to gain the skills he is using now.

We're looking forward to keeping things going on these new fronts and will keep you all posted.