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Project Wish _ News Posts _ 5 years later

Posted by: Jerky Jan 10 2010, 11:34 PM

So its been a year since we announced we were stopping development of this project. Many of us are still around, and we still hang out in our irc server channel (#projectwish on The code has been downloaded many hundreds of times, and hopefully many have benefited from its release. Those of us who were involved in the project benefited greatly, and are thankful at having been able to share and grow our talents here.

For those of you who still come back and check us out, what have you been up to? Project Wish was life-changing to many of us involved, what are the things you remember or that changed your life? Let us know.

Cobra has been working on making films on his own. You can see a teaser of Stargate: The Imperative, the name of his short, here: You can check out some of his work on his vimeo page ( or his YouTube page (

Njpaul has been working on an Ogre3D scene editor with a co-worker, and has made a lot of progress.

I have been working on my own game, which I mention on my blog from time to time ( I am also scheduled to speak at GEEX again this year about hobbyist game development. It will be in July here in SLC, Utah. Check it out at their website:

Others from the team have moved on from college to get jobs out in the real world, and use many of the skills they picked up here.

Posted by: Windragon Jan 21 2010, 05:07 AM

Nice to know it, my study of this interesting sector is still green but I'm glad to know that pw experience gave you a so huge sign in your lifes.

Lately due my RL I've not the time to check the site every day/week but I'm still here smile.gif at least while this site will exists smile.gif

Note: I've signed 2 message unread but I don't see them, might be an error in the db?


Posted by: Jit Feb 24 2010, 12:11 PM

It's nice to see people are still hanging out here and see what they are up to nowadays.

As for me? I am trying different things, and trying to keep myself busy.

Recently, I started learning how to use a game engine and it's scripting language, so it's pretty cool. Looking to learn others aswell.

Posted by: Hawkins Nov 15 2010, 01:38 AM

Good luck everyone!