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Project Wish _ News Posts _ Project Wish High Concept

Posted by: Jerky Apr 14 2008, 02:11 AM

Well, its time for an update, so I figured its time to let some of the stuff out of the bag. We have continuing to make consistent progress on all aspects of the game, and hope to be able to share more in upcoming updates. The PWToolbox library is truly approaching a public release. That will be a part of our game engine that plays an important part, so is important to the game. It's not a glamorous thing, like screenshots would be, but is important nonetheless.

On all other fronts, from story, to world, to music, to art, to design, we are also making good progress. I've mentioned in the past that we have been working on the design more officially now than ever before. I took on the role of "Lead Designer" a little while back so that we could get some official and proper design going. So, to prove that I have actually been working on just that, I am going to do something crazy and release a small part of our design. Our High Concept is a document meant to outline the main ideas of the "design" we have documented thus far. We have never been shy about the fact that we are insanely ambitious, so this completely falls under that same scope.

I will preface it with the disclaimer that none of the features for this game are "locked" in, or permanent. Anything is still subject to change, but at least you should be able to get a sense of what our goals are. I will also say that there might be mistakes, and there definitely will be misunderstandings. The High concept document is meant to be fairly vague, but for those of you who knew about Wish, and other MMO's, you might be able to glean quite a fair amount about the direction of the game PW is to become. So, without further ado, here is PW's High Concept:

The World
High Concept - Simulation-based money flow based on supply and demand. NPC interaction to meet supply needs.

High Concept - A living world that creates danger & adventure, rekindling the lost feeling of exploration and discovery.
High Concept - AI driven monsters adapt to changes in areas and seek to thrive where best suited.
High Concept - Create cause and effect of a players actions in the world
The logic behind the game revolves around principles of Reality.
High Concept - A unique look chosen by the player.
Players will be able to modify the following features on their avatars for 50,000 plus, different looks.
High Concept - Character development that dosen't lock you into a choice of gameplay.
Game Play Features
High Concept - A crafting system that greatly effects the economy
High concept - Give players more opportunity to make things they way they want
High Concept - Death should mean something, and not be a minor inconvenience. Players will never "die" in the game, unless they choose it. The only death ever experienced will be permanent. Instead, players will be knocked unconcsious and need to be healed via other means. There will be no resurrection spells, like in other games.

High Concept - In depth and complicated economy to give the players enough to stay busy and never monopolize anything
Player vs Environment
High Concept - Exploration and adventure solo, grouped or raided
Player vs Player
High Concept - A system in which PvP is encouraged using story and world events
High concept - Crafters can learn new ways of making/modifying goods, towns can improve their power/defenses
Skills & Training Sandbox
Out of game character records and achievements.

Posted by: baal Feb 25 2009, 05:34 AM

Well I found this page from the thing going a bit odd on another site from 2007 about someone scaming and what not.

Just read the information posted on this site and noticed some of the items mentioned in it sounded a bit like shadowbane. I love the game hate the bugs in it tho. Too many hackers and exploiters but the system is nice. Make your own race class gender city war yet not much else but pvp from 20 on. No quests for cash just farm mobs in the hopes nooone comes to try and rob you.

The kicker is as was being said about some engine with games named throne of chaos and such pretaining to that name. The shadowbane throne of oblivion was the last expansion throne of chaos was there second to last. The game is filled with buggs and exploits and is currently owned by ubisoft was partially owned by wolfpack studios and no more.

The ccr team isnt responding to any of the reports of the players saying there guild leader is the son of a ccr member by the name clearwater and the macroes and keyloggers and hacking of players accounts to take there towns from them.

Video has been recorded of this on my computer and sent to ubisoft and nothing done about it.

So my idea is. You get a mmo like shadowbane online with open pvp and a unbalanced toon building system to where if someone is stupid enough to make a gimped toon by there weak mind at max level can be killed by a person 40 levels lower than them.

Send me a e-mail or register to and give us a message of the game and download site and ill get you some gamers more than you proly want for that matter. We have all left shadowbane and want something more like it with GM's that actually care about the fairness in the game as well as the players.

Pease excuse my spelling errors and gramer. I should have been asleep a long time ago but the information about a game simular to shadowbane found on this sit has aroused questioning for me and my fellow gamers. PS idea would be a game where there are 5 or more servers with 4 or more worlds or maps with the possibility of going to each on the same toon without makeing a new one to be in diffrent areas when ever you want would be a nice additive to the additions of your game.