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Jul 27 2008, 02:14 AM
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So I figured I needed to jot down my thoughts on my opportunity from a week ago. I've had a chance to look back and even rewatch myself to see how I did. For those of you who don't know me well (probably all of you reading this), I don't get nervous when speaking. Sometime in my teenage years, I learned that if I was prepared on a subject, I could go on and on about it for quite a while. I'm sure it has something to do with the pride I take in learning a subject I enjoy about as well as it can be learned. When I study something out of interest, I cover everything until I become fully versed in it. The topic of game development is no different. I believe this to the point that I think I even know the industry better than *some* insiders. Not that I think I really know it alll; that's not it. It's just that because I have had the privilege of watching it from the outside for so long, that I get to see it from a different perspective than insiders. Insiders work on a project and stay locked up for years at a time. That's not to say that they have no knowledge of what goes on, but that it is possible to happen that way. So, without digging myself into a deeper hole, I will move onto the next topic.

My number one source of anxiety over my presentation had nothing to do with things I could control. I knew I could go on and on for hours on any topic relating to games, and I am also confident in my ability to speak. The only thing that cause me to grief over this was the thought that nobody would come and watch me. That would be the worst possible outcome. The thing that scared me was the fact that this was my "stepping out of the closet" experience, for lack of a better analogy. I have been working on my computer for many years now, and almost nobody I know in real life knows it, understands it, cares about it, etc. To then have nobody show up to actually listen to what I might have to say would just be another reason for me to stay hidden in my room until 3 am every night with no tangible feedback, just my friends from the internet (whom which I appreciate).

It's hard to live a double-life. Working man, problem solver, family man, church-goer, scout leader, etc, etc, etc. by day. Then by night, I am someone who is similar, yet different. During the day, I rarely mention what it is I do at night. For those that actually ask, and get to know me, I tell them. I am not embarassed about it. I do, however, make it a point to not be forthcoming to some people. In my presentation I told the story about the boy in my scout troop who went and told his mom, after I told them about PW. They think its cool. They all want to play it when its ready. Moms, on the other hand, don't seem to understand. This one in particular told her son that I probably could be making better use of my time. The next time he saw me, he made sure to let me know that his mom thought that I should be doing better things with my time. It's a very common reaction, and I am not just referring to the one about me working on my project. I mean the stance (and fear) against video games that comes into play. It is that that feeds the reactions I get. It's a complete lack of understanding that is really frustrating about it. It's like listening to people bitch and moan about politics. Talk about wasting time. No person I have ever heard whine about politics is a "doer." They know enough to have formed these arrogant opinions, but they do not know enough to do anything about it. *me* shakes his head.

So what does this have to do with the presentation? Well, you see, all this was built up on my shoulders. Here was an opportunity to not only share what I know with people who might care, but to also possibly explain why it is I do what I do to people who don't know or understand. In my mind, this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I did not want to waste it. On the one hand, I wanted to get it all off my chest. It was my opportunity to justify what it is that I do, so I took it. On the other hand, I was there to share pertinent information for those seeking it. For anyone hoping for a great discussion on how to make games, and only that, I apologize for my indulgence. I had to take that time, which was about the first 35 minutes of my presentation (after looking back). I knew that I might not ever get the chance to speak again, so I decided to make sure I had a clean conscience when I was done. Hopefully, for those that did want to hear about games, I put in enough good information that they were sated.

When it was all over with, I was pleased. I wasn't nervous once I got there and saw people listening to the panel going on before mine. I knew that there would at least be a few people listening, and it turned out even better than I could have imagined. There was over 50 people there listening, which made me happy. Now at least 50 people heard what I had to say, and saw it in my eyes that I was serious. What a great feeling. A few asked some questions afterwards, and I felt that people benefitted from what I had to say and share. Also, thanks to my wife, I was able to record it on video. I spent a few days splitting it up and posting it on a few sites I frequent, and so far in 4 days, there has been at least 80 more people who have heard what I had to say. All in all, I don't think things could have been much better.

Regarding the venue itself, I was a bit disappointed, but I wasn't suprised. I hoped that I might be speaking in an auditorium, but it was in the same Hall that all the other events were going on in. Because of that, the sound on the videos is horrible. Oh well. Also, I never met face to face anyone that I had corresponded with to arrange me speaking. The event coordinator was nowhere to be seen. When I walked up to the will call and said I was a speaker, they literally said okay and handed my a badge that said speaker. They didn't check who I was, and they didn't care. For a first-time event in Utah, I can't say I am that suprised. I only hope that they get a little better in the future if they want to keep doing these events, and want to get more people there.
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Jan 25 2007, 12:28 AM
Let me preface this with the fact that I have known of this person for quite a while. Many people who are respected in the indie scene also know of this person, as he also frequents many of the same sites/forums. There was a post on the Multiverse forums a couple months ago that had me scratching my head. The person in question posted a 2-minute "talk" he supposedly made at GDC Europe last year. The problem was not that he did it at all, it was that he made at a roundtable, but TOTALLY made it sound like he had given a keynote and was asked to speak. His name is not found on any of the lists of speakers, so I had planned to post a reply and call him on it, but never got around to doing so. Let me also preface with the fact that I know of him being banned at least 3 times from for misrepresenting himself, his "company" and his project(s). He is 17 (possibly 18 now) and supposedly has run his company for 5 years (since 2001). BTW, I have sources for all this information, I'm not making any of it up.

I do not go attacking people normally, but when I feel offended, I do not just sit and play nice. The recent situation started with an email that was sent to "" which I happen to check. The funny thing is that this is posted in some of PW's recruitment threads, and that is the only public place that email has ever been posted.

The email was as follows. I will try to hide the identity of said individual, but anyone who frequents the same sites I do can probably figure out who it is:
If your looking for MMO consultancy for specialized towards low budget companies and indie teams. Have a look below.

[Company name] has been around for some time within the design industry. With [game name] on our tracks we are more than ever engrossed into its development.

We have recently recruited on some small team of contract artists to help in a newly service we offer.

Many low budget game developers can't afford a good quality level of work, or some may not have enough time to get a decent amount of assets done and ready for in game. This is were we jump in. We offer many services for the developments community. These can range from:

* Game Design Consultancy
* All Genre & Type Game Advice
* Hire Game Designer
* Hire 3D Modellers
* Hire Level Designers
* Production Flow Advice
* Start Off Game Template (we create a basic game for you to buil up on)
* Engine & Technical Advice
* MMO Advice

We also sell templates for Design Documents and Treatments, from small FPS to Huge MMO's.

Currently we have a small amount of clients, from variety of communities. Multiverse, Torque and even RC.

One RC client "Jonny" from Realm Fighter was kind enough to comment on our services, also below is a preview of there up coming town.

::Up All Night:: says:
What do you think of our services?
Jonny // Realm Fighter // says:
Very professional service offered, with frequent updates including screenshots of the high quality graphics designed by a caring team.

Note: All Renders Are Work In Progress. Permission has been given to us to post them. All Copyright is reserved to there rightful owners
[omitted images that were obviously from this "client's" project. None of which were textured.

If you are interested or just want a quote for your team.

Email: [omitted]
Web: [omitted]

Thank you

I will let you judge for yourself, based on spelling, grammar, verbage, etc on how old you think this individual is. I decided to share this with a well-respected Game Developer friend of mine who also knows this person. We sometimes have a laugh about the things this individual does, but this one took the cake. I was outraged that he would think we wanted his help. This was a scam and made me sick, literally. This to me was just as bad as this advertisement that one can make an MMO with $249 ( Hilarious isn't it?!?!?

Keep in mind, also, that this company does not have ANY screenshots on their site. Also keep in mind that this so-called game of theirs has changed a bunch of times. The only screenshots posted were straight from the Big World tech demos and they mention 3 possible engines for their game. Starting to become clear?

So, with all that, I decided to express my feelings in an email reply. Said I:
[omitted name],
Sorry it took me so long to respond, I was deciding what to say. I am glad you are interested in helping, but do you think I am going to fall for that? I know you have hopes of giving others advice, but I am going to give you some. I have followed you on many forums, and seen you be banned and get a HORRIBLE reputation many times because of some of this crap. I think you need to take a step back, and work on your ethics. It is one thing to advertise a real product or service, but it is an entirely different matter to lie and stretch the truth, both of which you seem to have no problem doing. You overstate almost everything you have ever said, that I have read. It is absolutely atrocious and I am insulted to think that you would even think we would need help from you. Please read this entire contents of this email, as it contains some advice that could help you regain some of your badly damaged reputation.

I am not trying to be vindictive or mean, otherwise I would have done this in the many public forums which you frequent. I even defended you on the Multiverse forums, because I like to see people get a fresh start and a second chance. Now, from what I gather, you have taken that second chance and thrown it away. Rather than learn your lessons, you seem to continue to push the limits of human reason. That is not a good thing.

Let me explain some of the things as I see them, so you can understand what someone with a real brain might be thinking about your actions and some of the things you write/say.

First of all, recently, you posted in the Multiverse forums that you had given a Talk at GDC Europe. I do not doubt you attended, but you refer to that as a Talk and a speech in that thread. Both of these imply that you were a speaker. You know darn well you were not a speaker. I do not doubt you said those things, but it was at a round-table discussion. That is totally different than a talk or speech. You know good and well what bending those words means. You are trying to make yourself sound like an industry veteran and an distinguished member of the gamedev industry. We both know that this is just BS.

Second, your shenanigans make me sick. Not only have you been banned multiple times, but you do not seem to realize that it is for the same reason each time. You lie and bend to truth to make yourself seem like you are more than just a 17-year-old kid, who knows nothing of real game development. [linked thread omitted]

Remember that? I have more if you need more reminders. You have been called out repeatedly because of your devious and dishonest wording on your posts, making yourself seem greater than you are. It is not a coincidence that this dislike from forums seem to follow you around. People can sense the dishonesty.

Thirdly, your grammer shows your age and lack of professionalism. It is atrocious. You really need more than just a spell checker to make sense when you post. I have found errors in every single one of your posts across at least 8 forums. You have errors in your new site, and all your recruitment posts.

Lastly, your screenshots are not even yours. Quit trying to lead people on. Anyone with a brain will find out that you cannot back up your word because your work is crap. Sit quiet, quit recruiting, and start learning what you need. Put together more than what you have now, and quit trying to lure people. They will find out soon enough that you are just fooling them. Then, they will not only leave, they will spread more bad press about your already damaged company.

I have read so much information regarding your farce of a company, it just makes me sick. How could you found a company at the age of 12, and now, at the age of 17, have over 4 years of consultancy under your belt. That is utter bollocks. Do you never get tired of living a complete lie? Do you think you can hide behind the internet forever? I have so much more that it really makes me want to lurch. I will not continue giving specifics, cause you know as well as I all of your lies.

I will leave it at that for now. To sum up, my advice to you is to clean up your act and start telling the truth. You have so much more to learn. I really do wish you luck, and hope you eventually achieve your goals to become a game developer, but I warn you that it will never happen if you continue on. Do you not see that you will ruin your reputation (and I hate to use that word, because it is so far damaged at this point that you cant really call it that)? One day you will have to stop playing with Daddys money, and the games will be over for [names omitted].

If you would like any more advice, I would be happy to consult for you and help you get your things in order, so maybe someday you can gain the semblance of respect that is needed to actually make a game in this industry. I will keep this private for now, but I recommend taking my advice. If I see any more misleading lies on any of the forums that I frequent coming from you, you will regret it. The truth never lies, it hurts.

Erik Briggs (Jerky)
Project Manager & Art Team Lead - Project Wish

So, you could say, I was a little harsh. Guess what? I wasn't harsh enough. Here was the reply:
It was an offer for help and advice,but to be sarcastic and rude is another thing. Good luck in the future with that attitude you need it.

[name omitted]
[company name omitted]

Wow!? Rude, okay, I can see that... But sarcastic? No way. I was telling it straight. This envoked yet another reply from me:
[omitted name],
Please point out where I was being sarcastic. I was dead serious with every piece of advice and I hope you read the whole thing. Please consider your own attitude, ethics and dishonesty in the future and do not post any more lies in forums I visit. This is your last warning from me.

Erik Briggs (Jerky)
Project Manager & Art Team Lead - Project Wish

Well, his reply was to be expected at this point:
Stop being immature about it, you warn me? Un professional to say the least, Im sure a few of my colleagues would like to know the attitude of the team leader. Also point out what you want but are you the company with funding? Do you have a studio? When you do get back to me because thats when you can start warning me. Until then Good Luck!

PS. Please dont use this email address again your emails are not welcome.

[omitted name]
[omitted company name]

So yes, I warned him. The good news is he has not posted again on any of the forums. This was The very beginning of December, so maybe he got the point?! I doubt it.

So what spawned this? Sinbad (the main programmer of Ogre3d) recently had an experience with some kiddie which reminded me of this one. What else? I was checking another project's image gallery today and he had a couple screenshots of him replying to someone on the forums who sounded an awful lot like the kid who emailed me. Upon further inspection, I found a reference to his username, so it was him, once again. Its good to know that I am not the only one who is not fooled by crap like this. I take offense to someone offering me/us help who has less to show than we do. This kid may have his Dad's money, but he does not have any class, skill or professionalism. I am no the end-all, be-all hobbyist game developer, but at least I don't try and con people. One thing I pride myself on is telling it straight. If you want to know PW's status, I will tell you. I wont hide it so you think we are the best thing since sliced bread. Dishonesty doesn't pay. Maybe he should go into car sales?
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Dec 19 2006, 10:59 AM
Yeah, as if it was my choice. Probably 100 hours of billed time the last 2 weeks. Billed time does not count all the hours I am at work. Its all the hours I get to bill the client for. It doesnt include travel time, and some of our clients take an hour to get to, each way.

Well the time is nearing when I need to be finding something better to do with my time, preferably something that pays more.

I'll keep this blog entry mostly personal this time. New baby boy is over a month old now and he sure can fuss. Its not so fun to get home from work at a decent hour, only to have him keep you up until 3 or later. All that still doesnt change the fact that he is the cutest kid ever! Jerky must have good gene's or something wink.gif.

PW is still rolling. Its no big suprise when most people who join never end up doing anything. Unfortunatly, I don't think they realize when they join that it will require a lot of self-motivation and getting up to speed on their own. After almost 2 years of PW you'd think I'd get used to people breaking their word. On the other hand, just like my last two weeks, life happens to everyone. I'm pretty dang understanding, whether from sympathy or empathy. PW is noone's full time job as of yet, so we cannot hold ourselves to the same standards as other funded projects. It just doesn't work that way. Timetable, expectations, deadlines. They just don't quite work the same way here.

It also seems like the holidays are pretty hard on PW. Some people end up having more time, while others have less. You would think most Americans would have more time, but it doesn't seem to be working out that way. Students have tests and finals. Workers have crunch-time. I have new clients to take care of. Whisky Tango Foxtrot?

'til next time.
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Sep 5 2006, 12:55 PM
Wow, you put off writing in your blog once, and it turns into 2 weeks later.

So, I have been doing some more recruiting, and we should see some new members announced soon. Keep in mind still, we have yet to do any "official" recruiting, so this is all via PMs on other forums. I'd say that bodes well for when we actually start recruiting for real. The only difference is that people will be appriaching us, not the other way around, so we will have to be a bit more selective.

So, the server had a hiccup last week. One day it was just down, and then it came back up on its own, like 6 hours later. I remoted into it and didnt notice until later that it was booted into WinXP and not 2003 Server. This meant that the mirror was down completely. I knew that if the box was still working, that there was nothing to worry about (there is no way that both drives failed). I decided I needed to go pick it up from my friend's house (where he hosts it on a T1) and do some troubleshooting. All that day, before I went to pick it up, I formed my game plan. I remembered I have a better chip and motherboard laying at my house, so I came up with a new idea to make a new server and have a 3rd server irc. So, the idea is to have the trac/irc/svn/test server at my house (so I can have quick access if something goes wrong), and have this older box just go back to my friend's house (with T1) to act as another irc server. They still need to be setup and linked, but I have the round-robin DNS all ready to go. (If you try pinging many times, you should see 3 different IPs among the results, although not all are setup just yet)

So, it turns out that the extra CPU/MB I had were bad, which I should have known, cause someone gave them to me cause they got a new PC and that one wasnt working. Scramble mode then ensued. I remembered that my wife's PC wasn't being used (and hadnt been for over a month). I think the statute of limitations is up at that point, so a couple hours later and that was now the new server. It has a 2.7 Ghz celeron with 512 Ram in it, but should be good enough for what we need. So, since I was leaving on vacation, I set my router up to point to it, turned on remote access and left. I got in over the weekend and did some updates, but one of them closed the door, so to speak, and didnt allow me back in. This meant that I was not able to get back to it until we got home (last night at around midnight). I still had to fix my car, so it was around 2 am or so before I got our trac/svn back up.

Anyways, lots of juggling and fiddling with things just to change things again. This should be the best option for the project though. My home connection does not have the same upload speed as a T1, but I think it will be better to have access to it rather than have the speed. Hopefully it will be good enough, but maybe I will have to call Comcast and see about upping my upload speeds.

Development-wise, the GUI for DWARF is almost completely done. We are working on model packs and I am still working on some new stuff for the website. If you see some new things soon, you know why wink.gif.
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Jun 30 2006, 07:54 PM
My name is Erik Briggs, aka. Jerky. I joined Project Wish back at the beginning, a day or two after this website opened.

Currently, I am the Project Wish Project Manager and Art Team Lead. I do community stuff, recruiting, the website, PR, graphics, models, texturing, and some other miscelaneous stuff. This blog (developer journal) will include all my thoughts and ideas as development of project wish continues. I will include as many insights as I receive on the development of MMORPG's. Hopefully, it will be interesting to read, and maybe learn from.
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Jun 14 2006, 01:22 PM
Well, I need to document that I am still alive somehow, so I will do it here. I have been out of town for the last week on a jobsite in South Dakota! Woohoo. It really is an okay place, but working 16-20 hours a day for a week starts to wear on you, in many ways. My job only sucks sometimes, but any time away from PW is time I would rather spend elsewhere.

Enough of that. PW is still rolling wonderfully. I have learned a lot over the last month about php and especially css as I made the new themes. Not that anyone cares, but the themes I created are formatted differently than any other e107. No one had ever tried to vertically tile images before, let alone 2 vertical tiles with a middle image centered. Needless to say it was a bit frustrating, as the code seemed to be correct, but getting functionality between firefox and IE6. About other browsers, I don't have to time to support them, so if they show up wrong, you can let me know, but I cant test them myself, as I dont run linux. As far as IE7 goes, dont worry about it too much, the parser in IE7 beta is not completely enabled. If you use IE7, the website looks funny because IE7 beta is not complete. According to my statistics, for those who are curious, the website is getting about 47% of its visitors from IE6 and about 45% from Firefox.

Anyways, I created the initial terrain layout for alpha 1 and it is getting very exciting to know we will be walking around and populating our virtual world very soon. The editor is coming along nicely, and we have a dynamic weather system in the works that will be very cool.
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Apr 27 2006, 01:48 AM
Well, you can go here, if you'd like to see the original thread for this topic:

Hmmm, where do I begin? Thanks for getting this out in the open I guess . What follows isn't necessarily on topic, but this topic started due to my PM to jacmoe, so deal with it .

Let me use the history of Project Wish as an example here:
We started PW in January of '05. When Wish disappeared, there were tons of people who wanted to see it (or something like it reborn). We had almost 400 users in the first week. To clear things up a bit, there is a difference between indie and what we are doing. I dislike calling it hobby, because it is more than that, but there might not be a better term (world-wide team working on and open-sourced indie-type project).

Our core programming team was selective and started with around 6+ talented individuals. Most were students (some here might know of Lucky_Luciano, he was our client side lead). We had a server team lead as well. Between Lucky working pretty much on his own and our Server guy practically the same way (with a couple of reliable others) we had a mostly working map editor (see what Falagard has done with it on his PLSM2/GOOF editor) and a working chat server and client. Then life happened.

Most teams like mine that have been around are very aware of this stage. It seems the Ogre team is similar at times, although having someone as hardcore as Sinbad keeps it going always . During that time, I was working with our world and story teams helping get things together as I taught myself Art better than I knew it. The teams were very sub-divided back then, with Animation, Modeling, Texturing all having separate teams. While we were working on getting requirements together, artists with real life commitments started to fade, as there was nothing yet for them to make, because it all wasn’t decided yet. Our Project Leader (who still leads the project to this Day) has been a pretty consistently busy guy who is a senior developer at Intel. I mention this because when Intel calls, he has to do his thing. This leaves times where he has been in and out.

At the end of last summer, the first blow was Lucky_Luciano disappearing. To this day, we still haven’t had more good work from a programmer than him. After that, due to the remaining egos trying to either take over the project or just get creative control, most of our server programmers finally left. At this point, our story team had enough to be done for a while, so they went on hiatus. The world team had designed what we needed for our Alpha phase (working prototype with 1 city and no gameplay, just a chat server in a 3D world). They slowly disappeared too. The artists had mostly gone as well, so I took the art team over with the help of Fuinelen as my co-lead (who ironically has done a lot of cool little programs here on Ogre). We knew what we needed and we knew the amount of work needed. We continued slowly as we learned the pipeline. I had purchased ZBrush and was learning it, but not much was getting done.

During fall of last year, we hit our low point. It almost came down to me, but not quite that bad. The Project Leader has always been in and out, and I never have worried about him, because he has the same desires as I do. Lots of real life hit for the remaining members, but even the community started to fade. Our ex-programmers who had been hosting our Trac needed to take it down, so they did. The remaining people could not get to the info that we had been collecting, so they also started to either get pissed, or just leave.

This is when I decided to pretty much take the bull by the horns and start to steer. I started with the website. We had had a CMS planned for quite some time to replace the plain PHPBB forums that we had, but since those who volunteered to do it had never finished it and had RL issues, it never got done. I tried a few CMS's and stuck with e107 since it has one of the better rated ones and had everything we needed. I am not one to just stick up a default theme, so after getting the prototype working I had to then dive into the DB. Getting it converted to the e107 forum format, I then moved onto graphics design and PHP/CSS. After some more uber-learning, I had 2 custom themes (very basic ones). The test site looked ready to go, so just before Christmas, I released the new website. Since then, things have been better than ever, activity-wise.

With the new site, people started coming back. I had, by this time, built quite a library of MMO design sources, and had been visiting many websites. With my exposure came more new people visiting the site (they clicked the link in my signature). We also made a decision during this reorganization time to reply to a lot of the old applications (we have probably received 50+ inquiries since the start) and some of the old team members. The Project Leader has since taken over as lead programmer and started work with our server programming. Since the old server team lead had refused his advice before, the code was scrapped because it was not designed correctly. We actually got a lot of replies to my emails. This started the rebuild/reorganization. I also got the Trac db and got it up and working on my own server at this point.

At the beginning of this year, we really started rolling again. The Project Leader had been working on learning ICE (our server middleware) and we had gotten a lot of my artists back. We started producing. Since then, we have 5 set programmers on the team with 3 more currently in the interview process. We released our first two test renders of our alpha 1 design, but only done in Max, still no Ogre. I still run most of what happens, including more new website designs that will be finished soon. We have reached a happy medium where there are no egos trying to control things (I am happy to run things until the Project Manager gets time to redirect some things that could be better). This leaves us with essentially 2 main leaders who have a pretty set vision and all the patience in the world to see it through.

I left out quite a bit (like Cobra who has been with me all along), but I think you get the picture from that. This now brings me to my PM to jacmoe. He mentioned in a reply to someone recruiting, that he knew some programmers who were looking for serious projects. I PM'd him, rather than hijack the thread, to see if he could point me in the right direction. This thread is now the result . You should notice that Project Wish is absent from the recruitment forum. This is on purpose. Not once did we ever think we could withstand the ridicule of that place, and rightly so . We still are not at the active recruiting phase, and may not ever need to be. Both the Project Manager and I have always felt that if we build it, they will come. I do try to recruit privately if I see someone who I think could help us, while working on a dedicated project.

This also brings us to here and now. None of our programmers are very familiar with Ogre, at all, yet. This is the obvious glaring absentee from our website. We have no in-engine screenshots. If we were to pickup even 1 Ogre-ready developer, we could have a prototype in no time. That is the reason for my PM to jacmoe. Am I begging? Heck no. Am I serious? You better believe it.

I expect to not get ANY replies about MMO's, so please don't waste my time arguing with me about how they are impossible to make and a waste of time. You will find that my team and I are well versed in the area and are FULLY aware of what it takes. That aside, will it take a long time? Yes, most definitely. We have followed the Extreme Programming methodology since the beginning; consistent small updates are the way to go. If you have made it this far in my post, congratulations. You actually have an attention span. I hope there is something to learn from it, since there usually is from "post-mortems," but this is not one of those. We are doing well, and would be willing to accept dedicated individuals who are willing to be part of that one project in a million that doesn't fail.

Any responses are welcome, PM's or right here. I have nothing to hide and am proud of where PW is.

This was posted on Ogre's forums in response to a discussion that I started with a PM. To add a little more truth to it, so it is not so centered on me, some more additions are necessary. They will be forthcoming in another entry.
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Jan 22 2006, 01:37 AM
I now consider the website as complete. I use this word loosely, as a website is really never complete, but all the features that I wanted to get working, now are. I have learned a lot of great things about mysql, apache, php and css along the way. This CMS (Conetent Management System) really is the way to go. There is so much to do.

This last week we found that there still are many people that remember Wish. The Dev Team seems to be picking up the slack where we need it to be. I offered some help to the Ogre people, which will help 2-fold. First, it will help us help them by providing them with models. And second, it will help us, because everything they need, can be used for PW. No wasted effort there.

Still working on Concept/matte painting of Marr Vellis. It's a little slow going. Work was busy.
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Dec 15 2005, 11:05 PM
Just need to iron out the last few kinks and get some themes made and we will have ourselves a new website. There are so many reason why this is better than the current setup, its unbelievable.
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