Introducing the elves

Posted on: Jun 30 2008, 01:48 PM

I have been dedicating the time I have to work on PW to making the templates and guidelines, so that later I don't have so many pages to convert to the new format. However, it is summer and I am a bit lazy. With the high temperatures and burning sun I only feel like doing nothing and the little time I have motivation to work I have to use for exams' preparation.

Anyway, that leaves lots of work to think, so I reached a basic idea of the three elves and from now on I only need to develop the details of their culture (and register the basics, before they get lost). So, without further ado, I introduce the elves:

The Katarai: they are the first Katamarai, the first elves. They lived in the savanna for as long as any race there remembers and they are used to get what they want. Once they entered the world politics, they began noticing how good they were at captivating other people, at manipulating and alluring. They obviously used that ability and most will say they are hateful (at least they will say it when they are not busy dreaming about Katarai's coolness).

The Iliai: the Iliai rebelled from the Katarai many centuries ago. They wanted a more balanced and noble life. Erecting great cities in the mountains, they are the elves that least resemble the other two and the ones that most resemble the traditional high elves. They cultivated their relationship with the gods and became master healers. Their warriors are also highly lethal and agile, working their body like a form of art.

The Veliai: the Veliai already inhabited the islands when ships from Marr Vellis arrived, but it was the trade with this people that made them grow in power. Taking advantage of their Katarai-like habilities and of the paradisiac islands of an odd climate created either by gods or demons, they turned their islands into the only resort in the world, fit for kings and rich merchants. They also became sailors and merchants.

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