Announcing Gremlin

Posted on: Jul 26 2008, 08:02 PM

Gremlin is a new tool that allows artists to preview their meshes inside of Ogre. Artists can apply materials to the meshes and see how they look. They can also add lights, create multiple cameras (for quickly viewing different angles), and preview animations. It will also integrate with Ogre's MeshMagick tool.

IPB Image

This is just a quick mockup of how the gui might look. It was also my first experience with Window's Presentation Foundation. I upgraded to Visual C# Express Service Pack 1 Beta so I would get some key features of the GUI editor that were missing in the first release. Unfortunately, being beta, it isn't entirely stable. Also unfortunate is the lack of a native WPF property grid control. I hope that gets fixed soon. For now there are high-quality commerical alternatives available, but I'd rather not have to pay for it.

Keep in mind that this is just a mockup. It doesn't even explore the capabilities of WPF yet. I have a book on WPF, but I want to get through another book I'm reading first. In the background you can see the Visual Studio editor ("Cider", I believe is the name). You can see that WPF is vector-based and scales well. In the background I'm zoomed in 3x.

Over the next few weeks the design should settle a bit and implementation can begin. I'm looking forward to this, as it will be the first time I get to see how well C# and Ogre mix.

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