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Full Version: Waiting for the invasion of Lokshire
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Well, nothing ever came of it, but I enjoyed sitting around with my fellow defenders of Lokshire waiting for the undead hordes. While Vinnian never showed up, we made great preparations indeed.
Haha. I was there too. Too bad the anticipated attack never really happened except for a few skeletons... =(

*On a side note*
Stupid me.. I started to try to look around with my mouse! :( Also, tried to move some of the windows to get a better view :x Man.. thought I was out of that phase.... :cry:
Actually, something *did* come of it... we went out and followed Monyka, the prisoner Vinnian wanted released. We wound up at a tower, lots of undead around and Vinnian made an appearance. He was immediately killed and the cure was brought back to Lokshire. Some people killed Monyka too, though... much to everyone's surprise. Actually, it was probably due to the fact that it sure seemed that the monsters were spawning around her (FROM her) ;) It was pretty fun, especially when our little group that lagged behind the rest got attacked by a GM playing undead. We died but that was still awesome. :)
Hsae Nothgiel
i was there as well, but i didn't actually think the attack would happen there

the news stated that an attack would be made if demands weren't met, and that those demands shoud be at lokshire, but nothing stated that he would attack lokshire itself
hehe yall had an army there. damn to bad i wasn't able to go.
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