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Hi there. Thought I'd introduce myself.

I think I found out about PW too late, seeing how I never got a chance to get into the WISH beta, but it looked like a game with great potention.

Better late than never, right?

PW sounds like a great endevour and I hope the dev team can make it happen. From what I've seen on the WISH forums, their team seemed like a lot of nice people, and very responsive to the beta community.

Even though it was a shame to see them drop their game, it's nice to see the spirit live on in a community like this.

I hope to even get involved in development if at all possible. I'd gladly lend my talents to the good of this project. :)
Welcome to the group.

Our Heart and Soul will bring forth a great End.
Hi unst! I was only able to play Wish for three days before it closed down, yet Wish is my favorite game I have ever played. Thanks for joining us!


Welcome Unst! We are trying to capture the best that was from Wish, including the repect to the community. You can definitely apply for a position. Check out the site, but we still are accepting applications (and I am sure we will be for quite some time).
Welcome Unst! :)
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