Born in a small mining community of Stonewatch, Theres always dreamed of seeing the world exploring new places and visiting a place called the sea and the coast. So when she turned of age (about 200) she ventured from the safe confines of the mine to see the world in all its glory.

After visiting Merriton and taking on apprenticeships as a woods-person and blacksmith she headed south, on advice of some fellow travellers. On the journey south she had some adventures in Naul?s Dig, Nalbrook and Southdowns where she became a member of the Order of the Rose. Finally heading south down to the main city of Larocia TALUS. What a huge place here she decided to make her fortune constructing and selling weapons, she abandoned her woodperson apprenticeship and was taken on by the friendly weaponsmith Hauron. Over many days she created fine weapons and selling them in the local towns of Taul and Thainsford until the call to arms was heard from Southdowns.

The undead had risen from a local tower and where headed in force to the town. The watch, the order of the rose and local travellers all banded together defended the town and slayed the Rot Lord.

Theres tired by these exploits then returned to her relatively peaceful life as a weaponsmith travelling the land selling her wares until the Great Death that destroyed Larocia and all of her people. I still say her name with pride.