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Full Version: Best wishes and a speedy recovery to our newest member.
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In this age of disloyalty, facades, and manipulative cretins we must take care of our loved ones: our family and friends. Me must do all we can to support those of us who are in need of a helping hand or a kind word. The misery of pain is nothing compared to the misery of suffering through it alone.

Today, Suikerklontje, one of our newest community members, injured himself on a cycle. While many of us have not yet gotten to know him well, it is clear he is a part of our community. I would like to join the entire Dev team in wishing him a swift and painless recovery.
Im doing pretty fine :) surgery went ok and now i have 3 screws in my leg to keep everything in place.
Still cant walk for about 6 weeks so that kindy sucks, and i cant sit behind the computer to long cos that hurts and that sucks to :P.
and thats about it :)
how are you doing, I hope everything is fine.

thanks every one for the nice words, i got out of the hospital yesterday and now i am in a sitting in my comfy weelchair :P.
next friday i need to go back for surgery and after that i hope i can walk with those sticks ( dont know how to say that in english )
thanks again everyone :D

edit: sticks :wink:
Get well soon :(

Ive been sick myself the last few days, sorry to miss you all..
Get well soon.
:? yah get well soon indeed sugah
Get well soon!
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