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Full Version: Hello and Thankyou!!
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I cannot say how pleased I am that someone is trying to get Wish running again. I was saddened to see it go. It had excellent potential, enough in fact that I was preparing to put my 9 year UO account on Ebay and play Wish indefinitely! Thanks so much!!
Our little community is growing. Welcome to the group. :D

I want to take a walk on the map today.
500, that is truely amazing, please come in look around, annoucements are a good place to start for info that we have put out there. Nearly everyone here was inspired by Wish, and altough we cannot copy that game exactly, we can walk the same path.
lol welcome to Project Wish
Gladly accepted!
Welcome Masamune!! Glad to see a new member! As for the door prize, you've won a lifetime membership to helping us make this a great game :)
Thanks Jerky. I've already seen several people on here that I played with while Wish was in beta. I will definitely be around. Do I get a door prize for being #500 :D
Welcome and congratulations! You are member #500. Stick around and I think you wil be happy with what you see.
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