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Full Version: Wish you the best
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Like many of you, I was looking forward with hope to see Wish developing to be the future of MMORPG. Like many of you, I was very sad to read the January 9th news...

After 5 years of playing EverQuest, 6 months of WoW and shorter experience with many other games, I think Wish had the best (but hard to implement) vision. It was good to find out today that this vision is not dead.

I don't have much time or skills to offer but I will be happy to see this project growing. I will keep following up and try to help when I can. Good luck guys, I hope to be able to play with you on the virtual world you start to build here.

Hey Solnir

Stick around, pull up a chair.. ask questions.

I like answering them, honest :D
Ah, another new mind! :) Welcome to Project Wish! A fresh mind to give insight is always a great thing to obtain.
Thanks and welcome!

We are always glad to see another new face. Tell your friends about us :). We will be working hard at keeping the Wish vision alive as we progress with out project. Thanks for the support.

Don't forget to stop by IRC and have a chat. It's quiet sometimes, but there is a lot of action there.

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