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I remember in 1.5 where i had a really well trained dog called bob. me and bob killed everything in our path(around ganedan) it was when we fought the master gargoyle that poor bob died (as did i) What are some of your memories of wish?
Welcome Smiba :)
Okay its my first post here so I tell something about my char also.

My name was smiba, I had woman character, I was in southdowns town guild, I remember many nice guys from there like KallDrexx, Silmaril and others that helped me.

My last day in Wish was awesome because I really didnt know its going to be last. Servers were already closed when I went to :(
I was carpenter/woodsman and I just had got 2000gp from woods and I had a little chopping problem, in every travel to next city I had to stop and chop my inventory full of fir. I had a pony named Coldblooded Murderer (man he loved vegetables), before that I had Pekka the Chicken and before that I had boxer that died too fast.

Its sad that I have only one pic of my character and that is picture of my boobs, taken by my friend Darzyl.

Defitinely the best mmorpg I have played (now im playing Conquer..) and same time one of the best games I have ever played with Operation Flashtpoint :)

Life is cruel
You're not the only one. :cry:
I miss wish :(
I remember pugz, forum mod for the WISH.
also psychoduck.

The last day in ganedan I was outside Merriton with a bunch of other players watching snow fall and waiting for the devs to pull the plug on the server.

We didn't want to leave, that's why I guess I came here.
nope :roll:

Story from the last night in Beta 2.0

I was riding my fine steed toward Povorik with Guild companion Liamw. Both of us warriors, we were on our way to check out the depth of the cave that had appeared just beyond Pov'. We were happily dealing out damage to the Sea Trolls that were riddled around the cave... Unfortunetly we never completed our venture, as the news reached us, and in my dismay I closed and went to the pub...
Pre Beta 1.0 here. Hyrrix (Wish Vault and fellow Belgian) told me about Wish and was looking for members for the Morningstar guild, so I joined him. After that I was a faithfull 1.0, 1.3, 1.5, 2.0 follower... I didn't regret it for one minute :)
i believe that Wish would have had more than 60k easy after the 1st month and i only seen only a few people complain about leaving the and the rest were just praising the hell out of it
Beta 1.0 here as well as 1.5 and 2.0. :cry: I loved Wish from day one and I hyped it up to everyone I knew. It's such a shame... if only they would have advertised. Someone didn't take that into consideration I bet. 68,000 mostly from word of mouth. Imagine what would have been with advertising.
I remember being so excited about the announcement of the beta... and then the agonizing heatache of realising my PC had a problem on the 30th of december and having to go in for treatment... very sad..
I got in the closed beta before 1.5 actually started.
I got in during beta 1, and stuck around till the end.
Beta 1 here too then 1.5 and 2.0.
Beta 1 here.

I remember your name: Chicane
I was from beta 1.0
character name was Chicane.
*am beta 1.0 member*
Are there any beta 1.0 people here? Or anyone with recogning from before that? Alpha's?
Does anyone have stories of the last night we had in ganedan, ive got tons of screenshots i need to post(but cant where i am right now)
The 2.0 beta just went live:

I feel so sas when I look at those screens.

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