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Full Version: Adventures of Azgaroth part 1
Project Wish > General Category > Stories from Ganedan
as a young Elf i was eager to find out the secrets of my citys surroundings, so as fast as a could get a nice group of new friends or totaly unknown strangers to follow me out in the woods, there was adventure...

i remember one of theese trips as if it was yesterday, the group of unknown strangers was Praner, Zoe-sumpn and Jaku with a fancy lastname. we set out of Kemi, that was our home and wandered north past the building i called "The Church", went north east into the woods, we fought some nasty-looking lizard-things that i dont know the name of, and some snakes and even a giant spider, after some time clearing the woods we headed back towards the town, when we met a man, called himself Gilad, i think, he was travelling north-east to meet some friends, unfotunaly we couldnt join him in his quest, coz i dont belive in the way of forcing my groupmembers. so we headed back to town and then the group splitted into nothing and i went out to chop some wood, needed to make me a meal, was almost starving, and there the story ended, a short tale of the first adventure of Azgaroth the Dark one
Gil Gadal
Well I still Wish I was in Ganedan...

But if we can stick with Project Wish we maybe able to come up with somthing just as good...or MR would see thier stats were actually wrong and continue with Wish...all they needed to do was put the project on hold till the end of this yr so that all the WoW and EQ2 hype died down.

But it is good to see another fan around and maybe oneday our paths will cross in a world far away from here where we will be able to go on that adventure.
yay, a fan :wink:

you know, a girl is always intresting :D

yeah, lest hope that this project will get us togheter and do some real adventuring, coz we are the the people of adventure, and i am for sure a Refugee of Wish, and i wish to find myself a new home...
Gil Gadal
Yeah that would have been good. Well maybe with the commenctment of project wish we might still be able to then
i know... :D

i actually planned to join up with you some day and do some gobbo killing, after all the citys around kami was always under gobbo attack.... :)
Gil Gadal
You would have been talking about me. Gil Gadal :P
Yeah I ventured with Jaku a few times on our quest working on the elven bandits and also goblins. I also don't believe in forcing my members to go any where they don't wont to. I wasn't offened that you gus didn't come...I rather found myself a new bunch of friends. I am glad some of you are still around :D
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