It was but his second night in Ganedan, and already the young dwarf knew he was destined for greatness. During a camp fire meeting in irc, a young group of travellers set out to start a new Empire, the guild Realm. Galrof knew that to have any chance for survival his team would have to band together and work on building their influence and reputation.

They decided to enlist 6 elders to help Galrof run this new empire. At first, things went slow, and Galrof spent his days mining south of Egress. However on the fourth moon of Realm, things began to change...

Suddenly travellers from all around started flocking to realm and it began to grow, but what was more amazing is that realm grew as a team. Everyone worked together, for the greater good of Ganedan and each other. The next day was a stunning success as the team spread through the lands recruiting even more travellers to their cause.

However, Galrof sensed the great disturbance in the communication channels. Soon, he would see the end of Realm, the end of Ganedan. Galrof calmly sat down, drank scorpion venom.....and went to sleep, in hopes of awaking again in another time and place.