Early in 2.0, I had decided to try my hand in armorcrafting and leatherworking. Seemed a decent enough idea, seeing how horses were highly popular and needed saddles to ride em. After searching far and wide for the plans I needed, I began hunting gremlins north of Withrik & Grim. Once I had my fill of hides, I'd travel to Merriton, where the stablemaster was always out of saddles ;) Setting up business outside the tailor's shop, right across from the provisioner's (the busiest place in town), I began selling my Genuine Gremlin Hide Saddles for 600 each (limited time warranty, void in all Dwarven, Gnomish, and Cycloptic regions ;P) What a business. Sold about a dozen in two days, which was enough for me to start up crafting studded leather. Only problem was studded required studs...(metal not male). It was then I decided to find myself a tinker (I think) and strike a deal. Working with Wishdragon, we soon set to work crafting studded armor for many of the Riders of the Wind, based in W&G. We'd all go on a hunting trip to the gremlins and come back with a few hundred hides. Then within a couple of hours, everyone who went would walk out of the W&G tailor's shop with several new pieces of studded.

I don't know about everyone else, but this kind of crafting was more fulfilling to me than I have seen to date. Aside, of course, from the massive amount of raw materials required (I think a full suit of studded took close to 200 raw hides, quite a time investment, but fun nonetheless)