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I'm Joey Meyer from Deadeye Developers and i came apon Project Wish on the OGRE engine forums and was interested in the project because i also beta'ed Wish and was amazed by lost of the things wish had to offer and now a reincarnation of the game is coming out and i would love to dig into the project and add alittle bit of information on what i liked and didnt like about the beta of wish. I was also hoping to become part of the dev team as well if i could.

I've had experience with MMORPGS for over eight soild years now playing from Ultima Online to Lineage 2 and other such games such as Hostile Intent a mod for Half Life. Ultima Online was the pice of the pie i loved the most it was a freedom game much like wish but it offered so much more before EA got ahold of it. it was one of a kind and now its nothing due to ea, it had its ideas of going 3d but never were takin seriously. I dont like mmorpgs that have limitations i mean by that for a simple example a females dress on everquest or something like that a male is restricted to wearing it because hes not a female thats retarded i also dont like how you lvl up i would rather see a skill gain game it makes it more relistic in my eyes. I like hack and slash warrior and targeting mages and archers and balance between the classes is also a big thing to me.

But anyway enough about mmorpg experiences i wanna tell abit about me and then i have to be going.

My names joey meyer and im currently 19 years of age i've developer emulators for mmorpgs and code for exsisting ones im highly experienced with C# and C++ im ok with java and html im attending lake land college for a degree in Architectual work and one of my goals is to develope a good freedom type mmorpg once in my lifetime.

i have a sister im still living with my mother and father (cheaper cost for community college) and after i get my degree in architectual work im going to get a degree in game design i think. my favorite subjects is history and math.

welp ill try to post more any questions please feel free to ask either in the forums or on msn or possibly teamspeak or ventrilo.
Hello Bugz Welcome to the community.
Thanks for the warm welcome.
Welcome to Project Wish. We are always glad to see new faces, especially those who shared our feelings of the Wish Beta. Hope to see you around more.
Welcome :)
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