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Full Version: The founding of Marvellis.
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I'd like you all to know this isn't offical, but that doesn't mean it isn't entertaining. ^,^

Recently someone asked for some story on MarVellis, so I went and made it. I taunted Honis and told em it might be up soon. So here it is.

Kinswoman Aurale Nightengale is; without a doubt in the chapters of history, the founder of the highly succesful port city known of MarVellis. Aurale was a privateer for the Royal Kathedrian Navy. ( The ruling family of the humans at the time ) As the tale goes, Aurale was sailing the high seas after boarding and killing the crew of the SS. Remady. ( In the name of the family of coures.) Her loyal crue set out later that night in celebrating, and it is said about the top of the night; or the hour or falling stars, ( rumored to be the exact minute and hour when their society was first destroyed ) when a storm began to brew. Aurales1 crue, being distinctly intoxicated at the time, did their best to ready the ship for the on comming storm. Alas, many of the crew fell over board and drowned, and there was much of the newly 'aquired' cargo that had fallen over due to more than a few badly tied knots. The seas wrath was not forgiving to her ship, tossing it about as a dog would shake a rabbit in its mouth.
The storm raged on all throughout the night, only giving way to the light of a new days glowing sun.

Though her ship was badly beaten and beached, Aurale gathered her crew; the small hand full of them that remained, as much food and weapon supplies they could carry, and headed off into the murky swamps. It is said that her crew travled for three days and two nights using only the Stars to guide them during the night, the days being too hot and filled with blood sucking insects and unforgiving head to do any real navigating of the lands. Before finding the clear blue lakes dotted with mudd islands, of what is today MarVellis. Only four survived the journey through the swamps, Aurale Nightengale, Judda Minst, Dwight Piest, and Janna Minst, all expieranced fighters, and basic crafters of their own resolve. Trapped, beaten, and unsheltered, the four began to build, civilize,and populate their wasteland, their hell, their home.

For fifteen long years they struggled against the climate, and the hordes of blood thursty bugs. Aurale and Dwight had proclaimed themselves mates, since Judda and Janna wer already married, and had many children, each grew up to be very seasoned fighters for such youngsters; but of course, the ones who couldn't at least defend themselves, unfortunatly died. It was the law of nature, only the strong survive. On, what the small village of siblings could determine as exactly 15 years from the day they were stranded, a large merchant vessle could be seen off in the distance. Enthralled, the citizans began to hail the passing ship, but it was thought by some to just let it pass, since they did not want to leave their own, violent paradice.

King and Queen Kathedrian themselves came to the small village to see their sons and daughters, and of course to claim the new land they had found. All of the citizens of MarVellis were not only given immediate citizenship, a small fortune of gold, and resources to expand their city, but they were also given titles for their heroic deeds. The four survivers of that fatefull night, Aurale, Judda, Amanda, and Janna were nighted and offered land on the main land just on the coast of the raising sun and setting light moon. Naturally the four took their homes and lived beautiful relaxing lives for two years, leving the kingdom to govern the land. But as time passed they began to miss their home, the home infested with insects, the home they built with their own hands, the home they had bithed and raised many children, the home that belonged to no other. They took their argument, and their deeds to the bits of land, to the King and Queen and asked for their town back. Many months were spent dictating how the transaction was to be spent, but; despite the power of the kingdom, the four were given their town back to govern. As long as they remained loyal to the kingdom, payed taxes, and finished building the barracks for royal occupation. Compared to what they had done in the past, these feets would be falling asleep.

As history goes, the four split the duties two ways; the Minsts` took control of trade and port duties, the Nightengales controled law enforcment, town protection and building maintining. After their deaths, the duties were passed down to the most qualified children ( not nessisarly the eldest ) who had famed artists paint murials all across the town in their honor
Can't wait to see the murals...
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