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Full Version: Invasion of W&G
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The first live content i had been in, ahh, what a great day. The day started out as usual iwth me just chopping wood and getting ready for carpentry. While i was out chopping wood i heard shouts from town about gremlins in town. I arrived back and saw at least 100 of them and they even took down 2 guards. Well without thinking i jumped in and started fighting, and after ten minutes or so me and others were fighting the boss of the gremlins. He was able to take down the others and started hitting me hard but i was able to save myself since i had cleric. Well after the Gremlins death for a few hours i got a tell from sebenlik(i think that was the gnome's name) and asked me for an intereview. After the interview he said make sure i read the paper tomorrow to see what happened to the town. Well when i saw the newspaper and saw my name in the newspaper i nearly pissed myself and thought to myself that this was the most awesome thing i have ever seen in a game.

At this very moment no game seems to be able to fill the void of wish because of the live content that happened tome. Plus even now im not even thinking about playing an mmo until they start diong live content and recognizing what players have done in game :D
I definitely agree. Things like the experience described by cyress8 really help boost community morale, too. When people are faced with a threat that endangers the whole town, there is no time to worry about who is what level, who can best help your party and all that other picky stuff; you just need to unite and fight, and be quick about it. You would really form a stronger community bond through experiences such as those. More games really need that stuff.

I was unable to play in the beta due to my computer coming up just short of the RAM requirements >_<
Now I know better than ever that I missed one hell of a time.
Yes that was a very attractive part of the game, I don't doubt that vast amounts of fun that would have been had by a lot of people should it of continued or should it continue... It's even exciting reading about it happening to someone else!
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