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Full Version: Something of a belief system.
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A Brief Interlude into the tribal beliefs, then a story!

Gods and Spirits

Mother and Father god of all creation.
-Akunda; known as the father god, creation and Celebration

-Akira; known as the mother god, Fertility and celebration

Nature Spirits

Mo-Mo-Kanda- Known for controling neutral, wild and tame animals. Her main spirit to speak to mortals with is the Kanda Bear.

Kunta Kienda- Known for his control over the weathor and natural disasters

Fate Spirits

Adjunda Windfire- Known for her control of the fate of all living creatures, is said to be the grandest storyteller that our world has, will, and will ever know.

Hamazin- Known for his control of the flow of luck in the land

Death and Battle Spirits

Jennya- She is known as the spirit of the honerable hunt.

Jonnya- She is known as the spirit of battle and honerable death

Uusan- Is the goddess of death and Mistress of the gates to the afterlife.

And now!
A story that will!
Interest you! 8)

And so it was; Akira and Akunda the mother and father of all sat atop the highest hill in the forests of Koranda. The sun shone brightly and the nights rain had passes, the animals were just beggening to poke their heads from that nights rest and gaze upon the new day ahead of them. Just as they were created and maintained to do by Mo-Mo-Kanda, the spirit of all natural wild animals. Kiendra, spirit of the weathor had happily moved her storm to the nothern moutains for a fresh layer of snow on the caps.

Yet, amongst the harmony and perfection the mother and father were empty inside. Their world lacked a balance to all of the good they had made, there wasn't any chaos to monitor the good, nothing to tame their blomossing creation. So they began to create a new being for their world. A being that would not only keep all creatures with violence and hatred, but would physicaly reflect their hatred through large fangs, long straightend night black hair, claws, ungulating forest green skin. All of these features intended on reminding the new creature what their purpose was on this world.

These creatures; which Akria lovingly named The Nazar, were the dominate species of the world for nearly three centuries. Killing animals, destroying much of the Koranda forest, and expanding their culture to all of the corners of the world.

However, with such distance from one another generates cultural diversity. Though refreshing at first, the areas slowly began to draw apart, and eventually came to bitter ends with one another. Small and ultimatly rediculas things feuled raids and battles between the reigons. But all soon realised that the best reason to fight was for the resources that the other reigons possessed, and they themselves needed bitterly.

The gods and spirits watched the Nazar fight umongst with mixed feelings. they were, infact doing what they were created to do; control all animals that inhabited their planet. But the gods began to worry of the blood shed on their once harmonius planet. So it was decided, all gods and spirit were called to dleegate the fate of the Nazar.

It was said that many moons had passed while the spirits conviened; so passionate about this decision that their duties were left to manage itself. It seemed as though the world itself was striking back at the Nazar, a clear night would suddenly become cloudy and storm during any Nazar attack followed by an attack of wolves and bears on both of the camps. Even the two moons had turned off their lovely night glow to further aid the wild creatures. Two full moon eclipsis happened before a decision was made.
That's a cool idea.

In my design, the belief system works like this;

The whole world is divided into 3 large main regions, namely, region of God, neutral region, and evil region. There will be only consent PvP in the realm of God, no rampant pking or gankfest (more like Tram.). While the evil region is Fel like where you can attack anyone else on sight.

In the neutral region however, strange things will often occur. When a PK press his attack button to attack a newbie <or anyone>. A message will appear, "You're now under the influence of the evil, you are controlled by your evil mind, however you manage to overcome the evil thought a little bit and decide to refrain from your murdering".

Which simply means he failed his PK attempt, at the same time he puts himself into a numb with skill and stat penalty. The newbie may try to gank him back. Inside the battle, the PK's spell will frizzle, his hands will tremble and fail to control his sword.

The same will happen to group gankfests, those in a numb will be drawn into a 1 on 1 battle with the newbie. That is, by God's intervention, the newbie is protected and is enaged into a fair fight (an unfair fight in favor of the newbie actually).

There are still chances where the PK may succeed to attack, with a message, "Under the evil influence, you can't help but attacking <newbie's name>. Which means his PK attempt is a success.

Something like that.
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