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Full Version: Um, yeah, er... Hi!
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I'm here to help. Actually, I'm here to learn, and in the meantime, contribute something that will be helpful. I'm a programmer by mentality, and deffinitely not graphically inclined. I'm a 26 year old student who has been writing small programs for 14 years now, but because of lack of discipline when younger, and a completely non-computer related job in my early 20's, I haven't had much oppurtunity to learn and play with programming until about a year ago. To show my actual level of knowledge, I've made a very basic 3d grid based, really buggy maze (2d walls, illusion of 3d... if anyone has played the original Might and Magic games, that's the basic idea) in my late teens in the BASIC that shipped with DOS, then very recently (5 months ago) learned how to make programs larger than Hello World compile in C++.

I'm working on learning how to use Ogre, and I'm hoping that I can make contributions in the area of the graphical engine, but I'm not going to apply directly for a programming position... I'd much rather read through code, read through the boards, and see if I can make improvements and add new functionality on my own, then submit my code to someone who can make a more informed review and tell me where I'm being retarded. ;)

Well, that's me in a nutshell...

actually, no, this is my in a nutshell: "Help, I'm stuck in this nutshell!!!"
Welcome to Project Wish. We are always glad to see another new face, especially one that wants to contribute. I am sure we will talk more soon :).
Yummie, a new flavor of code muncher :)

Welcome to the boards GhediPunk, imho programmers are the best to have around ;)

/me jams another monkey in the walking boards
Hey GhediPunk. Welcome! All bits of contribution are being taken by the devs. They love us.
Or at least they love everyone else... :(

It just sounds like to me Ghedi that you once you get your hands on better toys/tools you'll excel with the graphics. Good luck with the re-exploring.
Welcome Ghedi. I hope you are not just a fleeting flavor and you come to like it here.

Welcome to the forums GhediPunk. I hope to have many a convo with you here!

Thank you, everyone. It is always nice to get a good welcome like this. I look forward to meeting everyone, and to finding my place here.

I do have a question, though... When do I get to jump in and get my hands dirty? ;)
Welcome Ghedi, always great to see a new face around 'ere.
To answer your question on how things work. We do not have any open-source for you to look at at this point. If you want to contribute, that requires being part of a team or helping with ideas on the forum (or offering some other type of help). In your case, since you would like to contribute to code, we have an interview forum that we conduct interviews in. If you are up for it, I can set you up and you can answer some of our set questions. You can then ask us more questions and we will answer them for you there. We will ask you anything else that we see fit, and then we will let you know what we think. We do want quality people, but even if you don't think you can hack it, it never hurts to try. We always like to see sample work (code for programmers, art for artists, etc.), so be ready to show off something.
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