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Hey everypeoples. My moniker is Defilus. I played with in beta 2 and loves the verloving crap out of that lovely river of loving love.


Just wanted to say hi and get warmed up to the forums. so uh..
hi. %-6

EDIT: haha... first post and already i'm editing it ;p

I am experienced in the following areas of development:
Advanced Java Experience (heavy GUI experience)
Moderate Website Design and XML/HTML coding
Minor experience with 3d modeling utilities (mostly blender)
Aspiration to be a Video Game Design Major (not sure how this helps, but im very creative and always have an idea or two floating around in my head)
Beta'd for Wish (as stated above) and for a few other MMOs as well
Lots of MMO experience (everything from PSO to WoW to iRO)

Hope this helps. I'd love to help in ANY way possible. I want to see Wish reborn!
Welcome! I am sure we can find something for you to do around here. Are you interested in applying for a position formally? If so, I can set up an interview. We have a hidden interview forum where we take care of that, so the information is private. We will probably always be in need of more help, so you have come at a great time. Many great things are happening for PW.
Welcome Defilus. If you loved the everloving crap outta the lovely river of loving love, then you'll loath the detestful poop outta the disgustful city of distained Odium with an adhorrence that only the hateful dispise.


Seriously though, it's great to have you on board... whether a developer or a future BETA tester / player (or both). Hope to see you around. And good luck if you decide to apply for a position of staff!
It looks like someone here found there thesaurus! :)
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