I played wish in the early Beta 2 phase. I signed up for it when they were in early Alpha though, I just got overlooked (and I didn't have any official tech experiance). I only got to play for about two weeks, but in those two weeks I found nearly 200 bugs and made countless suggestions, many that were going into the game. That is the real reason that I came to PW when I first heard of it forming up, but I have no clue where I heard about it. (I want to admit right now that I never figured out the skill system)

I started up my first character and began to explore. I found the quest system pretty easy to work with, but I didn't know where anything was so that was quickly overlooked. I then found the hills just outside of town and began to climb.. it turns out that I was climbing the tallest mountain in the game, but that's alright because it was fun.

After dodging about 100 harpies I made it into a cavern and climbed down to find it unfinished so I left and went down the other side. Once down I saw Wyverns and other scarry beasites that I generaly avoided, I even found a little mining village. I poked around and somehow finished my quest that I got in the first town. I made some friends and began hunting. We made quite a bit of money and enough to buy new gear. We hunted more and played more until someone came by and sold us some horses. That ended the hunting and started the exploring.

My friend, Inryi, followed me for a few days as we just traveled the world, finding everything we could find and avoiding all of the monsters in our path. We went all the way up and down the coast to the west and never really ventured into the elven forests. We did go into the Dwarven Caverns though, they were breathtaking. We followed rivers and found waterfalls, it was truely a magical experiance.

Inryi and I still chat on Yahoo from time to time, he's built a text MUD and I've been working on my city of heroes character. (I've submitted a few bugs to them too). I really want to see PW up and running because it will be a great thing I think. Even if it's not the wish that I played a year and a half ago, it's still something that is created by people who love gaming and not just people who are running for that phat paycheck... though I'm sure that will come.