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All right, since I'm gonna spout an opinion or two, maybe I should give you some background on me.

I'm 40 and been coding professionally (Unix, C/C++, Sybase, Java, Perl, MySQL, etc.) for 17 years, mostly in the telecom industry. I'm an Open Source pragmatist (think Torvalds vs. Stallman).

I found out about PW via the Ogre forums and I've only been hanging out there for about a month biggrin.gif I've been looking at Ogre because I'm interested in a replacement MPRPG for NWN (NWN2 is just lipstick and cosmetic surgery on top of NWN).

For the past two years, I've been on the dev staff of one of the larger NWN persistent worlds, Avlis . Six machines running 10 modules, One dedicated machine for database (MySQL via NWNX) and shared vault. Typical prime time load across all servers is 100+ players. The uplink is business-class cable (10 down/1 up) wihich the uplink is about 40-50% saturated. The electricity and ISP alone cost ~US$400/mo during the Summer when the aircon is running. About US$250/mo when it's not.

So yeah, I may have an insight or two laugh.gif

I'm certainly willing to answer any questions about the care and feeding of an active PW. I may be interested in helping with the server design and development and/or the netcode.
Wow! ppClarity VERY impressive, Thank You for the interest, and I have the deepest respect for your background (Wow again! smile.gif ). I hope we keep you interested, and I'm all ears on any of your ideas.

I ... I run a Windows2000 Advanced Server, *josh bows humbly* I'm really an art guy, so much for me showing off my network skills.. >blush< smile.gif

Here's my deviantART Gallery.

Thanks again ppClarity! smile.gif
I could smell it smile.gif. There was something about the way you said things that made me think, this person knows more than he is letting on.

Very cool. Glad to have you here posting information that may help us out. We can take all the help we can get.

Let us know what you think about becoming a part of the dev team. I can set up an interview if you are interested at all. Otherwise, we would love to continue to have our ideas honed down with knowledge like that.

Anyways, welcome to PW!
Hm... Hi and welcome here ? Well, yeah!
Welcome, Hope to see you around the IRC and the forums.
QUOTE(joshpurple @ Sep 25 2006, 11:53 PM)
Wow!  ppClarity VERY impressive,

Um unsure.gif thanks. Seriously, I'm just a toddler in the gaming industry, I only know NWN. It's positively intimate compared to even the stinkers in the MMO space. The dynamics will certainly be different.
This was very cool to read;

Avlis is a role-playing environment created for use online, using the Internet. It is continuously running and available to use. This fantasy setting was created by the merger of three things:

    Dungeons & Dragons role playing game;
    Neverwinter Nights computer game
    The Avlis campaign, a long-running pen and paper game, that over the past twenty years has developed the rich history and storyline used in this world.

From the Wiki. I've been a D&D fan forever smile.gif , and that sounds like a great merger.
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