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Full Version: Been a long time But....
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My favorite memory of WISH was after maiking my first longbow. I got the skills (Lumberjack and Carpenter) to make the cedar planks myself and the saw horse. (The one in town was always in use).

I made two long bows. One I sold at the AH and the other I kept. I eventually got skilled enough to craft my own arrows and composite longbow.

I remember standing at the edge of town and picking off an elven bandit. He would run back and forth across the road and never did approach. I killed him with 20 arrows I think... then went down and collected my loot.

Composite longbow range was 60yrds(?)...Far enough that he did not know where the arrows were coming from. LOL (It may have been a bug or exploit).

I then teamed with another archer that had bught the longbow that I had sold in the AH.. I was excited to see my crafted item in use. :-)

I guess that was what really hooked me on WISH. Crafted item were GOOD. Better than most you could buy from the general vendors.... and even those made at beginner level were worth something.
Cool Hankellin smile.gif .

What I really enjoy hearing is what you really enjoyed doing, -how in Wish you really enjoyed seeing your crafted item getting used & you had fun with that process.

I'm ALL ears to hear the ideas that Hooked you, or others, and I hope PW will be able to add that successful mechanic in! biggrin.gif
Quite long since the OP made the post, but I just realized I had a very similar story.

I also crafted longbows, but after gaining enough skill to create small crossbows, I created my finest creation (a composite longbow) for personal use, and switched over to producing small crossbows. These xbows brang in good cash and the resources were quite readily available (although Pine was a bit rare).

Man, I wish I could be back there.
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