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Hey, I'm Acapulco.

I stumbled upon this project when I was doing some research on the Ogre3D graphics engine, wich I plan to use in my thesis.

After reading a bit, I think PW is a pretty neat idea, so I decided I should get into the forums and start getting in touch with the community.

I sure would love to contribute to the project, but I can't commit to it as much as 10 hours a week right now, so I rather get to know the project first and join the team later.

You all seem nice, so I hope to fit in well smile.gif
Alter demise
Welcome to the community!
Welcome! Feel free to read up and ask us what's not clear. A lot of our main information isnt all on the public forums, but we will answer all the questions we can.

Glad to see you here.
Welcome to PW Acapulco! Great to have you here! smile.gif
Hey-ho man! Join us in blackcurrant juice drinking contest, and them... ym... err...

Well, nevermind tongue.gif Glad to see a new face here. Hope you'll stick around here smile.gif
Hello Acapulco! Hope to see your around the forums and IRC! smile.gif
Welcome Acapulco! Hope to see you around in the IRC and the forums.

What is your thesis for, if for a masters degree, Where are you getting your degree and for what are you getting it for?
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