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I found Project Wish through the Ogre website while I was reading up on how Ogre does 3D, and I must say, this looks like a very promising project.

I'm 23 years old, studying Astronomy at the University of Stockholm( Sweden ).
Stockholm is also where I grew up and a city I have very much fallen in love with smile.gif.

I've played some RPGs through my days, started with Chrono Trigger( still rocks! ), when I got a PC I played a lot of Zork. Tried some modern* RPG's like Anarchy Online, WoW, Planeshift, non too much to my liking thou. The Gothic series on the other hand, great stuff, the ambiance, the detail, awesome work.

*Modern RPG seams to try to impress to player more with Oh!'s and Ah!'s eyecandy than with actual roleplaying, this is of course only my opinion.
Welcome to PW!

Gothic is one of my all time favorite RPG series. Good to see others who see it for what it is wink.gif.
Welcome to Project Wish! biggrin.gif I think a number of PW members would agree with you smile.gif . Glad you found us, and Thank You!

( Stockholm, cool smile.gif )
Welcome! I found PW the same way smile.gif
hello and welcome smile.gif
Welcome to Project Wish. I totally agree with you. Gothic is one of the few RPGs I play all the way through.
Hello and welcome! You've come at a great time where we all can use your input to help make this project the best game (in our opinion) in the future.

Not just that, but everyone's sparked my interest in this game, something called "Gothic?" I'll have to check it out soon.
Gothic 3 just came out. Once you get past the control issue (the control scheme is not the best) Gothic 1 and Gothic 2 are some of the best RPG's ever made. I like them better than Morrowind.
My experience was that Gothic 3 is even more bugged than Daggerfall. Perhaps they've fixed that by now?
Všlkommen Nils smile.gif
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