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Full Version: Howdy!
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This is all looking very impressive. from the website to screenshots and even the news/updates.

Just thought i would say hi smile.gif
hello rictor and welcome ! smile.gif smile.gif
Welcome to PW! Things have been a bit quiet lately, but that doesn't mean we aren't working. You've come at a great time! Make yourself at home.
so where are you guys located at? or are you all spread out everywhere?
we're pretty much scattered everywhere
QUOTE(Pandra @ Mar 27 2007, 10:53 AM) *

we're pretty much scattered everywhere

cool.. i wasnt sure if this was a company located in one place or what smile.gif

the Dwarf engine looks amazing from the movie i have seen. i never saw much of Wish just maybe a couple of screenshots then just stopped seeing anything about it.. never heard why
Germany, US, UK, Sweden, Norway etc. International, essentially smile.gif

Welcome to PW! Enjoy your stay.
Welcome to Project Wish. Hope you enjoy it here.
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