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Full Version: my best memory
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Albeit a gruesome one, it forever sticks in my mind whenever I think of Wish...

My character was one of those one-eyed ones and she lived in a snowy region. One chilly evening she was exploring the outskirts of the main town and ventured into a clearing with plenty of wolves. Facing straight ahead, she was met with a wide open valley with the forest on both sides, leading into a dark unknown. To the far left on a narrow path is where she saw the wolves. Staying away and hiding behind trees, she observed a spectacular scene that sent shivers down her spine: A stout dwarf with a canine pet was running for his life from the dreaded narrow path - fleeing from a pack of bloodthirsty wolves. Once in a while he tried to fight them, but to flee was obviously the best decision. At last he gathered his last remaining strength and ran in my direction, his pet left to fend for itself, as it was literally torn to pieces by the wolvine pack!

I watched this unravel through the computer screen, and for a few seconds I felt I was actually living it!
Wish sounded like so much fun sad.gif too bad I didn't hear of it until it was too late. the only experiences I've had like I was actually in the game was when playing RPGs. mixing that feeling into an MMO would be amazing biggrin.gif
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