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Full Version: Hello! (From California?)
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Well, I'd just like to say...
Rofl, anyway, although the forums are hard for me to view, due to a virus I have.. >.<, I will still try to post and whatnot. I found porject wish because I was looking through graphics engines, found OGRE, and bang, I found project wish. I'm a creative guy, who isn't new to C++... although a bit rusty. I have tons of ideas, and well, i'll shove them all in your faces, like it or not. *laughs* So yea, Hey! Oh, and by the by, i'm fifteen, just letting you all know, it's not a big deal, just, not something many people would guess about me. Haha, I may be young, but i'v been around DnD my whole life, as well as MMORPGs, not to mention scripting. I'v played...EQ1 + 2, AC1 + 2, BG, SWG, EVE, MS... The list goes on...
I'd also just like to say that I really hope I can help this mmo in whatever way I can, if you need Ideas, send me an IM, i'm almost always on. And yes, I do love my run on sentences. So...anyway, yea, Hello Project Wish!

Yea, if anyone likes my ideas or wants to talk to me, my AIM sn is MinuoCombibo, and I have IRC, but i'm not too great with it.
Sounds like a plan. We love to have more lifeblood join and share/contribute. It keeps all us oldies pumped and excited to make something worth playing.

It is so nice to see someone with so much energy. Welcome to Project Wish. I see already that you have some Ideas on the forums, can't wait to read them.
QUOTE(Exudos @ Apr 1 2007, 06:52 PM) *
due to a virus I have..

Might I recommend the perfect cure? It's called Linux and is completely free of charge, completely devoid of spyware, adware and malware (well, there is some adware/nagware available for it, but the OS itself is free of it (as opposed to Windows)).
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