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Full Version: Greetings AND Salutations!
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Yeah, it is kind of funny how I got here... Boredom made me enter MMORPG into Google, which led to me finding a List of MMORPG's on Wikipedia. From there, I saw WISH, and it looked like a cool name. Then I saw the words, "community-developed..." and... Yeah...

Anyway, I am not an artist, but my programming and storytelling could count for something. We'll see what I can do to contribute, but that would be pretty amazing!

Ironically, I was planning on creating (It's sorta half-way done) a Java/MySQL game that would be a cheesy MMORPG to run on my friend's server just days ago. The idea dropped from my head when I realized how much time would go into it with nothing really to show for it.

I know that this could only be much more successful!
Welcome to PW NightMartyr! biggrin.gif

Glad to have your support, & I agree with you, -it's a TON of work but it could be very successful! smile.gif

Welcome. Glad to know more fresh faces are still finding us.
Welcome to Project Wish. I hope you enjoy the community.
hello hello hop on irc smile.gif
SO did you figure out if you're new here or not? =P
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