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Full Version: Holllla From Australia ..(Darwin )
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Buddy Robinson
biggrin.gif hi

My name is Buddy .

Im curently Doing a Certificate in Information Technology at Charles Darwin University

Im 15 ...Still go to school

And looking in any way i can help this project .

For me it will be my first helping of this sort ...

So should be a positive thing ....

Make sure u say helllo
Well, let me be the first to say welcome to Project Wish. While Im not really in the position to give you any instructions, being a member of the art team, the appropriate people will get a hold of you soon enough, and Im sure theyll be appreciative of any help you can offer.
Hi and welcome. Let us know what you think you can offer. Fresh meat is always good. wink.gif

Nice to see new faces around.

Awe, Jerky beat me to scaring the new guy *pouty*

to Project Wish...

you can do anything at Project Wish.. Anything at all.. Welcome.. to project wish...

(those who don't see the connection fail)

*takes Cobra out back and eletricutes him*
welcome to PW ! hope to see you around !
Aloha! ... oh wait. That was last week.
Hola! from Texas. Hope to see you around more.
Nice to have a new member at Project Wish. Hope to see you in the IRC.
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