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Well that was pretty cool, i was searching for anyone that might would need some help with concept art and it brought me here laugh.gif

Nice screenshots and renderings and concept art you guys have here, specially those photoshop concept art work.

So this is like an Si-Fic/Fantasy game? Like an old, real/unreal word with creatures like lord of the rings or something? jw...

Also, what game engine do you guys use? would be nice to know....

A little info about me:

Im 17, live in Minneapolis
Love games\gaming

Interested in:
3ds max (modelling, maya, blender)
id tech
id software and all their co-working\friends companies
Doom 3 mapping
HL 2 Mapping
games (mostly FPS, Manture games)
Concept art
emo\gothic art
Graphic Design

My skills:

Doom 3 Mapping ++
Drawing (concept art, sketches, landscape, si-fic, movie based and free-fantasy concept art)++++
Modeling (3ds max, blender) +
Game scripting+
Music +

That's about it wink.gif
If anyone has questions please ask, reply or PM me, (new here) mellow.gif

......I have photos, examples of work i have done, please ask wink.gif
Hi andyman. Welcome to PW. Sorry about the confusion, we haven't ever gotten around to making a better FAQ.

Project Wish is a project to make a high fantasy, skill-based MMO. Inspired by the original MMO named Wish (, we are creating our own game from the ground up. We are making our own game engine with the Ogre 3d rendering engine at its heart (

If you are interested in applying as a concept artist, I would be happy to setup an interview for you. Let me/us know if you have any other questions.
That's one of the coolest forum names I've heard in a while. Welcome, by the way. Is your name really, Andy?... I got to know.

Anyway, It's great to see your interest here. Please feel free to read over as many as the forum threads as you can. There is a ton of info over the past year, so take your time. We are always interested in new ideas (or compliments), so please share whatever you feel like expressing. And remember, the more detailed/descriptive, the better.

See you around more,

Andyman... (awesome)
I'm going to make a screen name called Amburger... maybe. It just doesn't have the same effect though. sad.gif
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