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Full Version: Windragon is here
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HI all, glad to see that wish is raised back, yes in a different way than in past but now is again here.
I met this project a lot of time ago when I was more newbie than now blink.gif
After some time I met him again as a closed project, and all my wishes about the mmo dreamed from the screenshots was lost.
Now I discovered that your team start again this and I decided to try to be part of this, in the % my little experience can help.
I hope to see it come finally to the begin for all.

A welcome back is in order. Glad to have more fresh faces around. Looking forward to hearing more from you.
Thanks Jerky biggrin.gif

And if did u will need some help, I will be glad to try to help you and the team.

Look under the "Help Wanted" menu at the top of the page.
Done, atm I can't suit no one of the roles you need.

- I can't do the writer due my serious problem in English (I'm not English speaking)
- My knowledge in design is related to raster images, I've a good knowledge of photoshop but no knowledge on 3D modelling
- I'm a coder but I don't have 10 hours free in a week (over that I need to start to try ogre, that I've never used before)
- I'm not able to make music in any way...

However seen that some roles atm are not defined I will wait when you need it.

I've a good knowledge of mySQL (I'm DB administrator in RL) so if you will need some help over the game db creation may be that I will be a bit useful.
Also I've a good knowledge of the mmorpg background not as a common experienced player, but as someone that is studying from years how is going the market and how this kind of software grow up (with particular attention to development plans).
I've experience upon marketing (I don't think you need it), and management.

In the end as a lot of people I've a bit of experience as btester too but I know that you're far from this now.

I don't know how and how much I will be able to help but I'm here and I'm intentioned to give my help in some way few or huge I can't know due I still not know you.

Atm I'm waiting some books related 3D mmoprgs coding and ogre, so I've got a bit of fortune to discover that this project is reborn eheheh.

Don't feel distraught... um, bad or down on yourself. I don't have much I can contribute in ways of programming or artistry. But I still feel part of the team. I am able to at least talk about ideas and concept development. I'm sure you have some great ideas too. So please don't feel bad if you think you're not needed currently. On the contrary, this is a community of people with different ideas all brought together by a similar goal.

So please be welcome and enjoy yourself here.

Thanks a lot Rico your good words are welcome smile.gif
I've exposed my knowledge and possibilities to let all know what I can do and how much I can help.
I'll do my best to help this community due I loved this project in past and I'm sure that pw have the number to leave a sign. We only need to work togeter to reach the goal.

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