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Full Version: New Year! New Project?
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I know this topic is in the "wrong" forum....
And I know I did not setup a real poll.

Just wanted to take a (very) informal poll to see if there is any interest in starting a new project.

At this point, I am not suggesting we pick up where PW halted, going off in another direction, or anything else. I just want to put some feelers out to see if anyone is interested.

We can worry about those other questions later if there is any interest.

I, in case you have not guessed, am interested.

Anyone else?

Now to wait and see who chimes in.......

What's your thoughts?

Mobile platform? Console? PC?
QUOTE(Reolus @ Aug 5 2021, 01:23 PM) *

What's your thoughts?

Mobile platform? Console? PC?

The short answer to your question is yes.

The long answer needs more details.

The project as a whole did a lot right, but looking back I see that we also did a lot wrong. Not horribly wrong, but wrong enough that, in my opinion, stopped us from moving forward in the way we wanted to move forward.

I think that one of the things we did really wrong is that we did not have enough releases. Not even enough releases planned. Forget the fact that things stopped (and thus stopped any future releases). If we were to start again, the new plan should have a lot of releases. I am not just talking about the main MMO game overall. I am talking about even smaller segments.

Why not release mini games and other things? For example, when we finish our first character design, maybe we release and app that allows the player to walk a character around in space, jump, dance, lunge, etc. Is there any point to the "game"? No. But it puts something out there for people to see, use, feel, and experience. It also gives us (the dev team) a little feather in our cap. It creates excitement.

Maybe when we finish more character skins and animations, we release a silly Street Fighter type of game. Single player, you against a computer opponent. Again, it generates excitement. It gets our name out. It gets people looking at us, and maybe even playing our silly little game as a time-waster. (Please do not think I am advocating that we shift gears and recreate Street Fighter. It was just an example.)

I also think that our road to MMO should have many stops along the way. At each stop, we expand the lore, world, offerings, and everything else. For this example, I am going to use Elder Scrolls. Maybe our first "major game release" is Elder Scrolls 1. Then we work on our Elder Scrolls 2. Then eventually we release our Skyrim. Then finally our Elder Scrolls Online. Our end state is, should, and will always be our MMO, but there is nothing that says we can't have other big stops along the way.

So, yes. We should target multiple platforms. Mobile, console, PC. We should release a lot of stuff! Some will be silly things, like a Street Fighter clone, others will be major games/releases along the way to our eventual end goal.

I know we had some great releases along the way. We featured various art and animations on our front page, and we released a first version of Dwarf to name just a few. We did some great stuff. We can still do some great stuff, in a different way.

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