Updates, good and bad.

Posted on: Feb 19 2008, 04:52 PM

First the bad....

I may not have time to work on PW much until the end of March. Our software for first-flight needs to be done and tested by then. We got the bad news, in the form of a rather moral-lowering speech/begging, that we may have up to 15 hours of overtime a week until that date. That means we may be pulling 12 hour days or even working on weekends.

The good news...

I'm a contractor, so I get paid time and a half for overtime. Full-time employees only get free meals (which I get too).

Also, PWToolBox 1.0 is nearing completion. This last weekend I got the Linux build working. Documentation still has to be written, as well as some minor changes to the code, and then we have to review and test it. We may be bringing on a few more programmers to help with that. Then we have to come up with licensing agreements and we can release it to the world! We'll have to find a place to advertise it on, since our site probably won't generate the kind of traffic we need.

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