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> A story for your amusement...
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Post Jan 29 2008, 06:03 PM
I had my interview with a gamdev company today, and I think it went well, except for some technology problems.

I got home, made sure my cell phone was charged, and eagerly awaited the call. I prepared all of my materials on the computer for reference.

Not 5 minutes into the call and my cell phone reboots. Immediately I panicked. "What the hell?", I proclaimed, as I rush around the house looking for a phone charger.

You see, I've had this problem before. In fact, every Tuesday for about 3 weeks my phone has been doing this. I previously thought it was because my batteries were low, as I usually have the phone off the charger since Sunday.

Failing to find the charger in the house, I acted quick and bolted out to my car in my bare socks. With the aid of a charger, I thought my problems were over. I returned inside, discarding my muddy socks, and awaited a call back. Thankfully they obliged. With the phone in working order again, and several apologies and explanations later, I carried on with the interview.

About a minute later and the phone reboots again. Acting quickly, I once more made a mad dash to the car, this time with my bare feet. At this time I'd like to point out that the driveway is still covered in snow and ice, despite the warmer temperatures of earlier today. Once again I await a call back, and once again they obliged. I quickly gave them my house number, and returned inside, inadvertently leaving the keys behind with the electronics on.

By the time I was inside with my now muddy feet the phone was already ringing. I quickly picked up the phone and went through the apology/explanation routine again. I answered questions with what I perceived as great enthusiasm. Thankfully there were no technical questions, as my brain represented scrambled eggs due to the events of the day. Then it was time for me to ask questions.

As I was on the phone in the kitchen, I was a good distance, and several corners, away from my computer. I excused myself to the other room to grab the cordless phone. This phone, as it turns out, likes to play back your own voice when you speak, mostly obscuring the people on the other end of the line. This feature, as I found out, is particularly enhanced when the other party in the conversation is using a speaker phone.

I pulled up my list of questions and started asking them. In the meantime I had decided to make a hard copy of them and return to the other, more usable phone. Naturally this printer has about a 2 minute time period from when you turn it on to when it actually starts to print. Meanwhile I'm struggling to catch the conversation.

"Finally", I thought, as the printer spits out the questions. I return to the kitchen phone, continuing to ask my questions, and realized that I had printed off an old version. This is not to say the questions weren't good, but I had more that I could have asked. "Oh well, I'll ask them in the on-site interview, if I make it that far", I said to myself in a reassuring manner. I finished up the interview, thanked them, apologized once more, and we parted ways.

Now it was time to retrieve the keys from my car. I braved the trip to my car in bare feet once more, only to realize that I had locked my keys in my car. I hoped my dad left the spare at home, instead of attaching it to the key chain of his new car. I was in luck. I grabbed the key, ventured out once more, and retrieved my keys.

I took another look at my cell phone as I was coming to the conclusion of the epic battle, and found it turned on and with a full battery, mocking me with its innocent looks.

And thus ends the story about the unfortunate series of events that took place during what I perceived was otherwise a relatively good interview. Hopefully I'll get an e-mail back asking me to come in for an on-site interview.
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post Jan 30 2008, 10:47 AM

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Woot! Wow, that does sound like the Gods were against you that day, or at least were looking down with big smiles smile.gif while those events played out. Congratulations again on the interview. I hope it works out.
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post Feb 2 2008, 01:07 AM


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You guys and your silly snow. I'm still enjoying nice 70ยบ weather down here deep in the heart of Texas. How much ice & snow do you have up there now? Have you pulled out the dog team and sled yet? tongue.gif

I have to get these jabs in now since I'll be getting my orders soon and will be stationed somewhere else in about another 5 months... and I have a feeling it's going to be Ohio. dry.gif
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post Feb 29 2008, 02:32 PM

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if i remember correctly nj lives in miltown... in which case he has a lot. and by a lot i mean a LOT. People in my neighborhood no longer even bother shoveling the driveways or sidewalks because we're so sick of it.
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