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Full Version: Best Strategy Games?
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I was reading an article last night that listed the "top 5 best strategy games". Here is their list:

- Medieval 2: Total War
- Dune 2
- Panzer General
- Sid Meier's Colonization
- Age of Empires 3

I thought their list was interesting and wondered what the rest of you thought.

What are your top 5 strategy games?
Real-time strategy or turn-based?
Of the ones I've played...

1) Chess
2) Heroes of Might and Magic (any version)
3) (still debating)

1) Age of Empires 3
2) Age of Mythology
3) Starcraft
For Turn based the Hearts of Iron series are fantastic, aswell as the Europa Universalis ones (both are made by the same devteam).

For realtime I think the Total War series takes the cake, all the way.
Closely followed by classics like Starcraft and Sudden Strike.
1. Europa Universalis 3, without question.
2. Total war series
3. Star Wars: Empire at war
4. Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness
5. Starcraft
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